Misnomer - Jewellery Store Is One Word For Two Different Thing

Would it be correct for a business who for example sells meat yet knows very little about the “details” of the product ie where these “cuts” of meat are from on an animal, or even something as basic as what animal those particular cuts actually come from in the first place, to call themselves a Butcher?? Cryptic I know….let me explain….
I think it would be more accurate for people to refer to the majority of jewellery stores around Australia today as “Jewellery Retailers” rather than calling them “Jewellers”. The people fronting these retail stores know little to nothing about the jewellery industry generally or for that matter “jewellery” in general. Often these “big stores” are run by someone with a degree in “management”, fulltime staff trained in “selling” and casual staff working to get through university! No-one with any practical jewellery knowledge!!
On four separate occasions now (and these are the ones that I know of) I have been asked to manufacture a particular item of jewellery for a “manager” of various local jewellery stores, doesn’t that in itself say something?