Evolution - The Jewellery Industry Today

The evolution of the jewellery industry has seen a rapid and dramatic change (to its detriment in my opinion) over the last few decades…Jewellery, only a short while ago was regarded as a personal and precious item which generally had some heartfelt meaning and was generally treasured by its owner.This “value” has all but eroded to see jewellery now become more or less a “disposable” product where quality and “meaning” has taken a back seat to “price”!
The high price of gold along with the weary retail market has resulted in most jewellery now being manufactured by machine overseas in either China or India.
The result is “cheap” jewellery, built to last only a few years rather than a quality heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. 
A ring which only a few decades ago would be handmade by an Australian craftsman taking 16 hours of care and patience, weighing 10grams of precious metal would today be made in China by a machine at a cost of $5 and have a weight of probably only 1or 2 grams!!
Those true to the word “Jeweller”, qualified jewellers/craftsmen are soon becoming sort after by those people still valuing the many advantages offered by the traditional manufacturing methods. We have four “real” jewellers in-store who are kept very busy creating heirlooms for future generations…